The Steadfast American Affiliate Program

The Steadfast American Affiliate Program allows like minded patriots turn their passion for America into commissioned based opportunities! We always enjoy the opportunity to work directly with like minded patriots and help spread our brand awareness. Apply today to become part of the Steadfast American Affiliate program!

Who makes a great Steadfast American affiliate?

  • Patriots that enjoy the honor and privilege of living in the greatest country in the world!
  • 2nd Amendment supporting individuals that enjoy the ability to practice our right to bear arms!
  • LEOs and Military Service members that keep our streets and country safe everyday!

The benefits of being a Steadfast American affiliate!

  • Commissions based on qualifying sales through your website, social media, or app!
  • 15 day cookie availability starting with sign up!
  • Affiliate tools offered by AvantLink that cover everything from banner ads to data feeds!